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Food catering in Kenya special menu

We offer a wide and exotic range of outside catering; from the magic of an elaborate all singing all dancing marques to a seriously tasty take-out....

Hot buffet

  • Pick a couple of one-pot style dishes and a carbohydrate like rice or potatoes that can go with both. You can pick a theme eg Indian, British classics or Thai so that people can mix and match. If you are making spicy food, make sure at least one is mild as not everyone likes chilli. If you have vegetarians, make one veggie or add a side dish with vegetables, lentils or beans that everyone can dig into but that will suit for a vegetarian main course too.
  • The beauty of a one-pot is you don't have to deal with complex timings. It can be prepared in advance and left to simmer on the stove or kept on a hot plate.
  • To make the meal feel more special, add in a few extras to complete the theme, naans and chutneys for an Indian, foccacia and marinated olives and artichokes for Italian etc
  • For dessert, 2 -3 cold options again make a sensible choice. If you want to do hot desserts, choose ones you can assemble beforehand, whip straight out of the oven and serve, a hot apple pie or fruit crumble are always popular. Serve with double cream to avoid messing around with custard.

Catering solution We offer a wide variety of Catering solutions from Snack Platters , Spit Braai's, Cocktail menu's to upmarket banqueting and plated menus. Our Chef will only be too happy to custom your menus so as to suite your budget and specific requirements, we also offer full Event Coordination and can assist with finding suitable Venues for your function , we provide full Catering D├ęcor and Catering Equipment solutions to suite your requirements. We are able to provide your specific dietary requirement including Vegetarian, Kosher and Halaal meals.

Tailor made your occation:  In collaboration with our customers we work closely to understand their precise needs. Working within the ethnic and cultural environment, we tailor a flexible and transparent solution that enables customers to scale services to meet ever changing needs. .